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A Guide to Plasterboard Maintenance

Everything needs a little maintenance from time to time: your car, your garden, yourself and your plasterboard! There are a few great ways to maintain your plasterboard, ensuring it lives a long, healthy life. Today, we’ll take a look at the right ways of maintaining your plasterboard and who to call if you need a plasterboard expert in Melbourne.

Cleaning the plasterboard

Let’s say your kids decided to take a game of footy, which they know should be reserved for outdoors, and ‘modify it’ so that it’s played indoors. Along with the process of ‘modifying’ their footy game, they also ‘modified’ your plasterboard wall. After explaining why footy is best left for the outdoors, it’s time to go about cleaning the marks of your plasterboard. Generally, these can be removed with a damp cloth and should be dried thoroughly afterwards. If they did a particularly good job of ‘modifying’ your plasterboard, you can use a cleaning agent like sugar soap – but don’t press too hard or get the wall overly wet. This could result in making the scuffing worse.

Mould and mildew

Mould and mildew tend to grow on walls and ceilings in rooms that are exposed to humidity, like bathrooms and kitchens. When these rooms aren’t sufficiently ventilated, the chances of mould growth are increased. Mould is unhygienic and it’s not good to be breathing in the air where mould is present. It’s important to improve the ventilation of these areas – it could mean something as simple as turning the fan on more often, or opening a window to allow more airflow. 

If mould and mildew have taken a liking to your plasterboard, make sure you clean the surfaces off using a damp cloth and possibly some sugar soap. This should rid that nasty growth from your plasterboard, allowing you to breathe in the air with a smile on your face!

Impact damage

Not to blame everything on your kids, but let’s say that, theoretically, your kids put a hole in your plasterboard when play fighting (it definitely wasn’t you and your mates during a couple of post-UFC-match beers). Call up a plasterboard specialist like Plaster Wholesalers to have it fixed up before the wife notices.

Serious damage

If your plasterboard has experienced serious damage, it might be beyond a matter of maintenance. Fire, smoke and flood damage are all situations in which you’re better off replacing your plasterboard. These elements can permanently compromise the integrity of your plasterboard, deteriorating the material and making it unsafe.

If you need some expert help maintaining, repairing or replacing your plasterboard, get in touch with Melbourne’s best plasterboard professionals – Plaster Wholesalers. They’re experts in anything plasterboard and will help you out big time when you’re in strife. Grab a quote from the team today and leave it with Plaster Wholesalers!

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