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Can You Use 10mm Plasterboard On Ceilings?

Over the past few decades, we’ve seen a switch in plasterboard thickness which may have some of us wondering. We’ve gone from 13mm as the standard plasterboard thickness to 10mm. Why is this? Isn’t this a step backwards in construction quality?

Thankfully, no. The 10mm material we use for plasterboard today is a lot better constructed than the old 13mm stuff that used to be the standard in Aussie construction. It’s stronger yet lighter which is a bonus for both homeowner and plasterer. 

But what about ceilings? Can 10mm plasterboard be used on ceilings? Let’s get the low down from the absolute pros at Plaster Wholesalers – Melbourne’s expert voice on all things plasterboard.

Yes, you can!

10mm plasterboard is a fine choice for ceilings, provided it’s an official product that is of high quality. This means you can stop worrying about all those jobs in which you’ve used 10mm plasterboard for ceilings, and sleep peacefully at night!

Why 10mm plasterboard is an ideal ceiling material

A good quality 10mm plasterboard is actually an ideal choice for ceiling material. It’s lightweight yet strong, and has solid structural integrity to resist sagging and gradual dilapidation. It’s perfect for residential and commercial area where non-fire resistant and non-sound absorptive material is suitable.

Where you shouldn’t use a 10mm plasterboard on ceilings:

That being said, there are certainly some applications in which you wouldn’t use a 10mm plasterboard for ceilings. Some 10mm ceiling boards aren’t fire resistant or don’t have good acoustic qualities and therefore aren’t suitable for applications that require fire- and sound-proofing. Multi-level residential apartments, some commercial and industrial buildings, and other high fire risk areas are unsuitable for 10mm ceiling board. Instead opt for Plaster Wholesaler’s USG Firestop® plasterboard, which is fire-rated and has excellent sound absorption properties.

Which 10mm plasterboard should I use for ceilings?

Now, we all know that not all plasterboard is cut from the same cloth. Some plasterboard, like USG SHEETROCK® Ceiling Board, is far superior to others. It’s known for its sag-resistance properties, easy score and snap, and suitability for decorative finishes too.

USG SHEETROCK® Ceiling Board has a high strength-to-weight composite design with an innovative core technology encased in a strong 100% recycled paper liner. In other words, this is not your average ceiling board! It’s perfect for a wide range of residential and commercial internal ceiling applications, so long as fire resistance ratings, impact and water resistance aren’t needed.

Talk to the professionals at Plaster Wholesalers, Melbourne’s best team for plaster supplies, if you want to get your hands on USG SHEETROCK® Ceiling Board. Thanks to their 30 years of experience in plasterboarding, they’ve managed to make many connections in the industry and are able to provide this sought-after product, and many others, at such a competitive price. Grab a quote today and start doing things the Wholesaler way!

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