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Cement Rendering Supplies

Melbourne’s Top Provider of Cement Render Supplies and Fibre Cement Sheets

When you’re improving the appearance of a commercial property or increasing the value of a client’s home through renovation, consider Plaster Wholesalers for all of your cement rendering and fibre cement supplies. We’re proud to be the premium render, fibre cement and accessories wholesaler in Melbourne and Victoria, a reputation that we uphold with our attention to detail and commitment to a high standard of service.

Unitex render supplies

We are proud to stock a wide range of high-grade and professional standard building supplies and rendering products from Unitex and Quickcote as well as other leading manufacturers. Choose from traditional or acrylic renderings in fine, course, textured smooth, natural, coloured, pigmented or painted options. Find options suitable for exterior and interior wall application. Here is a snapshot of our cement rendering and textures:

Uni-Cote™ Cement rendering by Unitex are designed to be applied over surfaces including new or old brickwork, FRC sheeting, blockwork, precast panels or applications where patching, levelling or filling render is required. Base renders should always be over coated with a finish coat from the Unitex Applied finish range. All of these options have high impact strength combined with excellent adherence to well bound surfaces.

  • Redi-Render™:For skim coat work available in fine and medium grades for use over clean brickwork / blockwork.
  • Hi Lite Render ™:Suitable for all high build applications over uneven surfaces inc. brickwork, concrete slabs and panels.
  • Polymer Render:Ready-to-use liquid or powder (add water) for use over FRC sheeting and sound painted surfaces.
  • Panel Patch Render™:For patch filling over steel joining plates in concrete tilt-up panel construction with 4-hour fire rating.
  • Redi-Render Fine:Fine grade render which produces a concrete old world, sandy surface effect.
  • Uni-Base Board Render ™:Uni-EIFS range – Low build render designed to provide strong adherence over Uni-Base Board lightweight wall cladding.
  • Hi Fibre Render ™:Uni-EIFS range – For strong impact strength over EPS foam sheets as part of Uni-TWS (Thermal Wall System).

Unitex Textures

These Applied Texture Finishes are acrylic bound textured coatings designed for decorating interior and exterior walls. Unitex Applied Texture Finishes are suitable for use over surfaces prepared with render from the Unitex Specialty Rendersrange. A one-coat application offers a long life heavy-duty coating. The majority of our finishes are ready-to-use, water-based products.

  • Uni-Roll Dcor™:The products in this range of the Unitex Finishes are applied by roller.
  • Uni-Trowel Dcor™:Designed for trowel application, the products in the Uni-Trowel Dcor range can be applied as a single coat.
  • Uni-Cote™:(Dry Powders) These unique powder finishes are dry powder-based products. On-site, all that has to be added is water to provide a ready-to-apply finish.
  • Unitex Protective Membranes:Protective topcoats, designed to provide a pigmented sealer with satin or matt surface finish effect.
  • Uni-Marble Grain™:A trowel applied granular marble, heavy duty natural coloured stone finish for exterior and interior protection, consisting of washed and graded granular marble chips in a clear polymer matrix.

Cement render supplies and accessories

We also supply a large range of cement rendering accessories to customers throughout Melbourne that will ensure a beautiful and professional result:


  • Plastic Clips (Washers)
  • 10 x 100 Bugle ‘S’ Screws (100)
  • 10 x 100 Bugle ‘S’ Screws Steel Frame
  • 10 x 130 Bugle ‘S’ Screws (100)
  • 10 x 150 Bugle ‘S’ Screws (100)
  • Uni-Screws – Timber 50 mm (100)
  • Uni-Screws – Timber 75 mm (100)
  • Uni-Screws 200 mm (25)
  • Ramset Fasteners ED8120 8 mm x 120 mm x 50 mm
  • Nylon Anchors NAC412 75 mm
  • Nylon Anchors NAC48 50 mm

Fibreglass Mesh

  • Fibreglass Mesh Rolls 1 m x 50 m
  • Joining Tape 250 mm x 50 m
  • Joining Tape 50 mm x 50 m

Cladding Accessories

  • Stainless Steel External Angles x 3.0 m Grade 304
  • Adhesive Foam
  • Adhesive Foam Gun Cleaner
  • Adhesive Foam Gun

Render and Texture Tools

  • Uni-Trowel Blue Float Medium
  • Red Plastic Trowel
  • Steel Trowel
  • Saw Tooth Trowel
  • Ancora Splash Scoop 200 mm
  • Render Float Plastic Diamond 270 mm x 180 mm
  • Render Float Plastic Diamond 270 mm x 350 mm
  • Aluminium Darby 1200 mm
  • Mixer
  • Plaster Hawk 300 mm
  • Plaster Scoop 180 mm

Texture and Sealer Tools

  • Text Sleeve 230 mm (Foam) Cat: 733
  • Text Sleeve 230 mm (Green) Cat: 691
  • Merino Lambswool Cover Cat: 69609
  • Roller Frames Cad: 656

Additional Accessories

  • Heavy Duty Hand Saw
  • Unitex Hot-Knife
  • Masking Tape 36 mm x 50 m
  • Black Plastic Roll 2 m X 100 um x 25 m

Moulding Accessories

  • Plastic Packers 3.2 mm x 50 mm
  • Plastic Packers 5.0 mm x 50 mm
  • Plastic Packers 6.5 mm x 50 mm
  • Uni-Dry Putty Tub
  • Polycarbonate Sealant – 300 ml Cartridge


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