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Drywall vs Plasterboard

Reading up on plasterboard forums and blogs is a handy way to wrap your head around the process of plasterboarding. It’s especially convenient if you’re renovating your home, or you’re new to the plasterboarding industry. 

But in your plasterboard research, all of a sudden, the word ‘drywall’ pops up. And then it pops up again. And again! 

What’s the deal with this elusive drywall product? Where did it come from? And what exactly is the difference between drywall and plasterboard? Here, the experts at Plaster Wholesalers explain everything we need to know about drywall vs plasterboard.

Potato, potahto

Americans have come up with some pretty strange additions to their version of English. They call a footpath a ‘sidewalk’, jam ‘jelly’ and jelly ‘jello’. And to top it off, the call plasterboard ‘drywall’. They’ve got a point here; plasterboard is a wall, and it’s dry on the inside. So, that’s what they call it.

Is there any difference between drywall and plasterboard?

There is virtually no difference between drywall and plasterboard. Drywall is the exact same product as plasterboard. But Americans also have plaster, which is the same product as the plaster we know and use, so why did they start referring to plasterboard as drywall?

Drywall was adopted to avoid confusion

Despite adding to confusion in other parts of the world, America actually started using the term ‘drywall’ to avoid confusion in their own country. Rather than use the terms ‘plaster’ and ‘plasterboard’, which make enough sense to the rest of the world, Americans came up with the term ‘drywall’ to distinguish it from the stuff you coat the wall with, which is plaster.

Which term should you use?

In Australia, we call it plasterboard and have always done so. Product names, like Gyprock, have also become a common name for it, even when the plasterboard being used isn’t an official Gyprock product (similar to the way drink coolers in Australia are always referred to as an Esky, even though they may not be Esky-branded). But drywall isn’t used as frequently and, frankly, let’s keep it that way!

Where to go for top tier plasterboard… or ‘drywall’

Whatever you call it, the chances are you’re wanting to invest in a top quality plasterboard for your building or renovation project. That’s where Melbourne’s experts at Plaster Wholesalers offer their wealth of knowledge. They’ve been at the top of their game in the plaster industry for over 30 years, supplying excellent quality plastering products to their valued customers. 

Plaster Wholesalers know that quality and reputation go hand in hand. That’s why they’re proud to deliver the best products, and best results, so that customers are totally satisfied. Get in touch with Plaster Wholesalers for the best plasterboard in town.

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