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How Thick Is Plaster On Plasterboard?

There are many current world events that have been breaking the news in the past couple of years and we’ve had a lot to digest. But for those of us who have home renovations going on, or are in the construction industry, there’s even more to wrap your head around. 

Timber shortages, cement shortages and skilled worker shortages are all ongoing issues in our industry which have been hurdles to jump over and just keep going. So, it might seem like the thickness of the plaster on plasterboard may be the least of your concerns, right?

Not necessarily true. Plaster Wholesalers delve into the optimum thickness of plaster skim on your plasterboard, why it’s important and why you should only invest in a trusted, reputable source to supply your plasterboard – whether you’re a home handyman or a full-scale plastering business.

1mm-3mm is the ideal thickness

Plaster skim on your plasterboard should between 1mm and 3mm thick, depending on how thick your actual plasterboard is. If you’re using a lightweight plasterboard of 9mm in thickness, for example, it should have a coat of 1mm or 2mm thick. If you’re using heavier stuff for fire- and sound-proofing purposes, like USG Firestop® which is 16mm, then you can expect the coat to be slightly thicker – and we mean slightly

What happens if the plaster on plasterboard is too thin?

Think about the plaster coat as the paint on your car. If the coat is too thin, then there’s a high chance that it’ll scratch, even at the slightest contact with another object. That’s what happens to plasterboard which has too thin a plaster skim; it’s easily scuffed, more prone to damage and just generally of poor quality.

What about if it’s too thick?

For plaster that’s too thick, we actually have a similar problem. Plasterboard with too thick a coat may lead to ripples or cracks or can turn out soft, meaning increased risk of scuffing and damage.

How to navigate these issues and get the optimum thickness for plaster, 100% of the time

We didn’t mean to cause any plaster anxiety in this post, talking about the doom and gloom of incorrect plaster sizes. In fact, we wanted to give you the one simple solution to avoiding these problems entirely: invest in a high quality, reputable brand of plaster!

Plaster Wholesalers specialise in supplying a huge range of high quality, trusted plasterboard at ultra-competitive prices. With 30 years’ experience in plasterboarding, they’ve gained the knowledge and skills required to tell you the best plaster for your job, and provide it to you at an affordable price. Known across Melbourne for their exceptional customer service, Plaster Wholesalers are here for you!

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