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How To Hang Plasterboard Like A Pro – 5 Tips

Anyone who’s good at their job knows that you can always, always, always get better at it. As the old saying goes, a wise person knows they know nothing but a fool thinks they know all! 

If you’re a professional plasterer or simply a home handyman, coming to this post is a clear sign that you’re not a feel and that you’re already on the right track to installing plasterboard correctly. Today, we’ll outline 5 tips to hang plasterboard like a pro so that your jobs or home projects are successful each and every time.

1) Buy the right stuff

Before you get out your saws and your measuring tapes, you’ve got to get Step #1 right first – invest in the best plasterboard available. You can be the best plasterer in the world, but if you’re working with dud plasterboard, there’s no way your job is going to turn out the way it should. Talk to the team at Plaster Wholesalers and choose a high quality plaster that they’re so well-known for. 

2) Use the correct saw to cut it

When cutting plasterboard, you can’t just use the first hand-saw you find in tool box at home. You’ve got to use specific saws for specific tasks. For shorter cuts like a switch plate hole, use a keyhole saw. These saws are great for small, more intricate jobs like tracing out small shapes from your plasterboard. Use a coarse-tooth saw for cuts around doors, which will allow you to quickly and effectively saw longer cuts.

3) Score and snap

When scoring and snapping the plasterboard, mark the length from the top to the bottom of the plasterboard. Cut from the top until you reach two thirds of the way down. Then, cut from the bottom to the top, meeting the rest of the cut. Once you’ve scored it, knock the plasterboard with your knee to snap it and finish the cut with your utility knife to separate the desired piece. 

4) Taping recessed joints

Self-adhesive fibreglass or paper tape is bedded into plasterboard joints. Use around three layers of compound to help strengthen them and make them seamless. Use a base coat compound for the first two layers, then a finishing compound for the last layer. While fibreglass tape is easier to use to paper tape is the strongest; fibreglass may not always be compatible with pre-mixed compound.

5) Finish the internal corners

Some can get a little scared of finishing the internal corners, but with a little practice, it’s a synch. Rest one end of a broad knife on the tape in the corner and the other end on the plasterboard for an even taper. 

Let’s go back to Step 1 and talk about why Plaster Wholesalers have got you covered when you need top tier plastering supplies. With 30 years’ experience in plasterboarding, they’ve gained the knowledge and skills required to tell you the best plaster for your job, no matter what application we’re talking about. Grab a quote from Plaster Wholesalers and plaster like a pro!

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