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How To Plaster A Wall Like A Professional

Plasterboard is one of the most important and revolutionary building products to be introduced in the past 100 years. It’s convenient, affordable and readily accessible, making life easy for builders and homeowners alike.

With this in mind, there’s no wonder why it’s such a sought-after material. Plastering a wall like a professional may take a little practice but, above anything, it takes research.

It’s a good thing, then, that you’ve come to the right place. Today, the plaster experts at Plaster Wholesalers outline how to plaster a wall like a total pro, helping all of you home handymen, project undertakers or budding plasterers.

1) Preparation

Plastering a wall can be messy work. You’ve got to make sure that the plaster adhesives go where you want them to go, and don’t spill onto the skirting boards and floor. Do this by laying drop cloths or newspaper sheets over a selected area of the floor. Also wipe down the surface of the wall you’re plastering to remove any dust, creating better adhesive conditions.

2) Remove the damaged plaster

Removing the damaged plaster is the next step to plastering like a professional. Carefully chisel away at the damaged plaster to remove it. Then, use a utility knife to smooth the edges of the hole, preparing it to be patched.

3) Apply a layer of bonding agent to the wall

Bonding agent application helps the wall to dry out evenly. Once the bonding agent is applied, check that the entire surface is covered. Then, you’re ready for the first plaster layer to be applied.

4) Mixing the plaster

Don’t fret about what type of plaster to buy. Just ask the team at Plaster Wholesalers, and they’ll steer you in the right direction. They’ll also tell you exactly how to mix the plaster and how to apply it if you’re unsure. When mixing, make sure you whisk it to the point that there are no lumps. Take your plaster compound and fill the hole with it, using a taping knife. Once you’ve finished the first coat of plaster, create little grooves in the layer – this is called cross-scratching. Cross-scratching helps your second coat of plaster to stick better, making a secure bond.

5) Layer #2

After 24 hours, use a spray bottle to dampen lightly and apply the second layer of plaster. Cross-scratch the second layer as it starts to dry.

6) Joint compound application

Apply a joint compound, let it dry and then sand it back with fine sandpaper. You can repeat this twice, or three times if you prefer. Then, sand it again lightly until it’s smooth, wipe with a damp cloth and you’re ready to prime and paint!

Just ask Plaster Wholesalers about the top tier products you’ll need for plastering a wall like a professional. Grab a quote from Plaster Wholesalers and plaster like a pro today!

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