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Important Update: NCC 2022 Adoption in Victoria and Queensland

Building site with frames for residential build in Victoria that will be affected by the NCC 2022 standards


As of 1 May 2024, Victoria and Queensland have officially adopted the National Construction Code (NCC 2022). This follows the lead of New South Wales, Northern Territory, Tasmania, and the ACT, who have already implemented these standards.

Key Changes and Requirements

  • Energy Efficiency: The NCC 2022 introduces changes to energy efficiency requirements, particularly for Class 2 buildings. These buildings will now require a thermal performance rating of at least 7 stars on average.
  • Quality, Safety and Sustainability: The primary goal of these changes is to enhance the quality, safety and sustainability of new residential buildings.
  • Fire Safety and Accessibility: Additionally, the NCC 2022 includes updated regarding fire safety measures and accessible home design.

Resources and Support

  • Resources: To help you meet these new standards, the NCC 2022 provides a range of resources that can be accessed here.
  • Roll-out Schedule: For information on the roll-out schedule in all states and territories, please visit here.

How Plaster Wholesalers Can Help

At Plaster Wholesalers, we understand the importance of complying with the NCC 2022. Our team is committed to supporting builders through this transition. Here’s how we can help:

  • System-Based Approach: Our unique system-based approach ensures that you’re using all products as intended by the manufacturer. This not only helps to meet fire safety requirements but also ensures overall compliance with the NCC 2022.
  • Expert Advice: Visit our Somerton or Hoppers Crossing locations to speak with our construction experts. They can provide guidance and recommendations to ensure that your building projects meet the new NCC 2022 standards.

For more information on how Plaster Wholesalers can support you with the NCC 2022 changes, contact us today or visit one of our locations. We’re here to help you build with confidence and compliance.


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