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Polyester Insulation

The function of wall and ceiling insulation is to provide a barrier for heat transfer, helping to keep excess warmth out during the summer and warm air inside your home during winter. Maintain comfort and quiet in your home with proper ceiling and wall insulation.

Correctly installed insulation batts can reduce heating and cooling energy use by as much as 30 per cent. They will also diminish external noises. Further soundproofing can be at attained through sound-absorptive batt variations and plasterboard.

Plaster Wholesalers carries polyester and glass wool insulation batts calibrated to meet commercial and residential requirements. All insulation products sold by Plaster Wholesalers meet Australian Standards performance testing for safety and reliability.

Glass Wool Batts

  • Made from melted glass
  • Commonly sold in DIY packs with R-values clearly labelled
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Should not be compressed or moistened
  • Ends and edges must be butted together firmly during installation
  • Available as batts or blankets

Glass wool blankets are thinner and denser than batts and are available with reflective foil backing. They are manufactured in rolls for specific types of installations (e.g. under cathedral, raked ceiling or flat roofs).

Polyester Batts

  • Made from polyester fibres and recycled PET bottlesnt
  • Similar physical properties to mineral wool (glass wool and rock wool), but is non-irritable with no known physical or health hazardsnt
  • Does not burn, but will melt if exposed to a direct flame at high temperaturent
  • Available as batts or blanketsnt

Plaster Wholesalers Can Help You Select the Right Insulation.

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