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What Is 16mm Plasterboard Used For?

16mm plasterboard has a tonne of uses. If you’ve ever wanted to do that awesome thing that Kung Fu masters do, where they chop through bricks and cinderblock, then 16mm plasterboard is probably a good place start.

But the fun doesn’t end there. The practical uses of plasterboard are just as riveting, as 16mm plasterboard is such a huge part of the construction and renovation industry.

Here, the masters, not of Kung Fu, but of plasterboard supply at Plaster Wholesalers explain the many uses of 16mm plasterboard.

What is 16mm plasterboard?

16mm plasterboard is a thicker, specially-designed type of plasterboard that can be used for a tonne of applications in the construction industry. Whereas ordinary plasterboard tends to have a thickness of between 9-12mm, give or take, 16mm plasterboard is significantly denser. Let’s find out why you’d opt for a thicker plasterboard, rather than your standard 9mm one.

16mm plasterboard has excellent fire resistant qualities

Fire resistance is the main perk of 16mm plasterboard. In potential high risk fire areas, 16mm plasterboard is your go-to choice of material. The thickness of 16mm plasterboard, along with added fire resistance mechanisms, means that it has a higher fire rating than the thinner stuff. 

Plaster Wholesalers stock USG Firestop® plasterboard which is developed to take the heat. Designed to maintain its integrity whilst exposed to flame, fire resistant plasterboard is the smarter choice for businesses or industries that are potential high fire risk situations.

Acoustic qualities

16mm plasterboard also has superior acoustic qualities to 10mm plasterboard. The thickness of 16mm plasterboard prevents sound of travelling and effectively absorbs the sound. For this reason, it’s an ideal choice for offices, elevators, multi-residential units, or anywhere else where sound absorption and privacy is desired.

Ceiling systems

16mm plasterboard is a top choice for fire- and sound-proofed ceiling systems. The added thickness of 16mm plasterboard is particularly desirable for ceilings in multi-floor apartment buildings, where the last thing you want is to be able to hear footsteps or conversation of the people in the above apartment.

Why choose Plaster Wholesalers for 16mm plasterboard?

Plaster Wholesalers know the value of quality. That’s why they only use premium grade USG Firestop® plasterboard, ensuring your building or project is built to the highest standards. In the world of construction, quality equals safety – and there’s no price on that. 

Plaster Wholesalers are Victoria’s leading team for anything plasterboard. Having been key players in the plaster game for almost 30 years, they’ve become one of Melbourne’s most trusted plaster retailers, supplying top quality plasterboard at super competitive prices. Handling all sorts of jobs, from the big to the small, Plaster Wholesalers want to hear about whatever you’re doing plaster-wise. Get in touch with the team to secure a great deal on your next load of plaster today.

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