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What is a Level 5 Finish?

Contrary to its name, a Level 5 finish doesn’t have anything to do with Super Mario Bros or video games in general. If that’s what you were hoping to learn about, it might be best to go back and click on a different link. If you want to learn more about coating plasterboard, on the other hand, you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, we’ll go through the ins and outs of plasterboard finishing levels, explain Level 5 finishes and when you’d need one. We’ll also tell you who to contact if you need a top-notch plasterboard coating service. 

What are finishing levels?

When you get plasterboard installed, it doesn’t come fully coated in the colour you want. It simply comes in its natural state of being – you know, that kind of off-white colour of plasterboard. If you want that plasterboard to be coated, there are a range of finishing levels to choose from. The different uses of plasterboard will determine the recommended finishing level. 

Level 0 – a Level 0 finish means that no coating has been done to your plasterboard. It’s the same as it was when it left the factory.

Level 1 – a Level 1 finish is when the joint tape has been used, but nothing else has been done.

Level 2 – a Level 2 finish implies that a coat has been skimmed over the joint compound and the screw hole have been masked. If you’re intending to cover the plasterboard in tiles, a Level 2 finish is adequate.

Level 3 – Level 3 involves coating the plasterboard in a joint compound, covering the tape and screw.

Level 4 – At Level 4, your plasterboard specialists will complete the classic finish. It involves applying another coat of joint compound, in which it’ll then be sanded. Level 4 is usually used when your plasterboard is about to be painted or covered with wallpaper.

Level 5 – and here we have the crème de la crème of plasterboard finishes: Level 5. This is where a final skim coat will be applied on top of all the other steps.

When should you use a Level 5 finish?

A Level 5 finish is the icing on the cake when it comes to plasterboard finishing. Level 5 finishes should be used when the plasterboard is going to be painted glossy, or when light is angled in a way that highlights any ripples or bumps on the plasterboard. When considering a Level 5 finish for your plasterboard, you should definitely consult an expert who has years of experience in this art. 

That’s where Plaster Wholesalers enter the picture! They’re Melbourne’s leading team for plasterboard finishing, having recommended countless expert trades persons qualified to give Level 5 finishes in their many years of experience in the plasterboard industry. Get in touch with the pros at Plaster Wholesalers and grab a quote and expert recommendation from the team today.

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